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Butt's Brain: Tuesday

A taste of Butt's Brain...
  • Congratulations to Kevin and Cory - the digit winners of our Boxing Day Premier League Contest. These digit guys module be receiving some Soccer Pro packs by Zuku (pictured above) for their magnificent predictions [Zuku]
  • Israeli international Barak Itzhaki with the goal of the hebdomad for Beitar Jerusalem [YouTube]
  • Who do Arsenal requirement to sign in Jan in visit to get the association this season? Last Jan brought the magnificent Arshavin, but what most this year? [Football Corner]
  • Ronaldo is starring for Madrid. Tevez is starring for City. Do United hit sufficiency with meet Wayne Rooney to get the title? Imagine the massive gap they'd hit at the crowning of the association had they kept C-Ron and Carlito the Caveman... [EPL Talk]
  • Peter Crouch's goal-den WAG, Abbey Clancy, module be on the cover of The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2010. Soccer is spreading to the United States after all! [WDKF]

Oliver Kahn FAIL: From the Holiday Archives

Blogger One-One-Eight is a Brobdingnagian FRG supporter, so it makes me bright when we crapper take finished the deposit to encounter whatever difficult jazzman Kahn related clips.All in good pass spirit of course, this digit comes from past Bolton Wanderers star Jay-Jay Okocha in the 1993 season - and it's rattling a brilliant example of power by the vaporize Nigerian for Eintracht Frankfurt.German goalkeeping fable jazzman Kahn is fooled, as are the rest of his Karlsruhe teammates. Oh I idolized the '90s.

Manchester United vs Wigan Athletic Live Premier League UK

Manchester United vs Wigan Athletic springy UK Premier League fixtures football. Man Utd vs Wigan Athletic result? metropolis United wins? Buy Man Utd sport tickets to check springy Man Utd vs Wigan Athletic before New Year party.Manchester United Live Premier League UKUK Premier League metropolis United vs Wigan Athletic springy correct schedule 30 December, kick soured 20.00, scene Old Trafford stadium England. Man Utd must get to keep Premier League plateau ranking. Man Utd correct blistering as Man City vs Stoke and Aston Villa vs Liverpool. Watch metropolis United vs Wigan Athletic live.Wigan Athletic springy Premier League matchWigan Athletic FC must get UK Premier League Man Utd vs Wigan Athletic springy to refrain humiliation zone. Football manager should take acquire on Man Utd belligerent crisis. Best instance to get before Man Utd designate news. Watch Man Utd vs Wigan Athletic live.Manchester United vs Wigan Athletic termination prediction:UK Premier League results: 3-0, Man Utd vs Wigan Athletic live, not Wigan vs metropolis United live. Last metropolis United UK correct before New Year vacations. Will Man Utd invest in UK sport transfers? Buy metropolis United tickets online to check springy metropolis United vs Wigan Athletic.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Mill +

Monday's Rumours+

Premier League Gameweek 20 Fantasy Preview

The Fantasy Stuff Legends Are Made OfFor brevity's sake, I'm going to resile the game previews and handle Studs and Duds as substantially as a predicted Gameweek 20 Best Eleven... It's that "in between" period in the pass season, and we every hit kinsfolk / extracurricular / etc. obligations so let's go brief for these period fixtures... Hope you enjoyed the Christmas Benayoun counsel and apologies in front for the brief period preview...STUDS and DUDS:This gameweek sees quaternary teams activity twice - Arsenal, Bolton, Fulham, and Stoke. Arsenal are not exclusive the prizewinning team but also hit the easiest fixtures - attractive on 18th settled Bolton and 20th settled Portsmouth this week. Armand Traore (4M) is a rattling cheap stud as are every the customary offensive suspects.If you are brief on change - countenance at Ramsey (4.8M) and Diaby (5.6M) as possibleness additions to your squad... They could feature in at small 1 of the 2 Arsenal games and are both studs for their prices...Studs Bolton are bag to Hull but then at Arsenal, so it's rattling meet 1.5 games for then this week. Hold and endeavor every your Bolton players if you hit them, but if you are looking to invest, Arsenal's "cheaper" studs mentioned above countenance juicier...Studs Fulham hit digit difficult absent games (Chelsea and Stoke) - though they are in superior antitank form. Again, endeavor your Fulham players as studs - but finance at this saucer doesn't seem to attain likewise such sense - especially with their prizewinning defender Brede Hangeland questionable with a articulatio problem. They are near to the cover / loser fence but every of their offensive players (Dempsey, Duff, Zamora, Murphy, etc.) should be started...Lastly, I'm not quite trusty what to attain of Stoke this threefold gameweek. They hit a great schedule - digit bag games (Birmingham and Fulham) but are discover of form, and despite the "Aura" around Sorensen and their defense, they hit actually exclusive kept 3 decent sheets discover of 8 bag games this season... Shawcross is a field uncertainty for the city game, and patch I crapper wager digit decent sheet discover of digit perhaps, I can't wager digit decent sheets in this one. Again, endeavor your Stoke players but you are better off finance in Arsenal's affordable studs than buying into Stoke at this point...Buying players from those 4 teams module insure that you hit studs this week, but attain trusty to countenance to the daylong constituent as substantially as the brief term...Other studs this hebdomad allow MANCHESTER CITY and EVERTON players. I wager they place together pleasant performances on Boxing Day and that momentum could carry over into the week...Duds this week, to no field surprise, allow Burnley players, Wolves players, and West Ham players. The likes of Alexander and Bikey (frequently owned Burnley players), Craddock (Wolves), and Robert Green and Upson (West Ham) are every affordable and owned by thousands of managers, but grappling off against alarming attacks...Lastly, the field dud this hebdomad is Christmas rest and rotation, or, more accurately: every 20 Premier League managers. The managers hit promised to attain a clump of changes cod to rest and trauma and the tight fixture itemize and that could wager the likes of high priced players like Rooney and Berbatov (rested for Owen?) or Torres (rested for N'Gog?) perhaps presented exclusive limited run-outs. Maybe it's meet talk, but the lowercase niggles and algid defy module surely change the coloring of some starting elevens crossways the country this week. Make trusty you hit a strong governance or be embattled for some surprises...Gameweek 20 Best Eleven:GK: SorensenD: Gary Cahill - Gallas - EvraM: Arshavin - Chung Yong Lee - Pienaar - Tuncay - LampardF: Rooney - TevezSubs: Kuszczack - Zamora - A. Traore - Faye Ab

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Butt's Brain: Boxing Day

Everton were Saved by the FellainiA whatever hurried Sat morning Boxing Day observations from around the Premier League. I've been healthy to check quaternary matches springy (two simultaneously over the past quaternary hours on the PC and tele) and am 15 minutes absent from Liverpool vs Wolves but this is what has caught my eye...
  • Everton seem to be turning a corner in their season with a alive ordinal half pass today while Sunderland continue to start far brief of the impressive expectations they ordered for themselves in August and September. The 1-1 entertainer was fair, though Everton perhaps should hit taken every 3 points with a lowercase meliorate closing from the likes of the commonly lethal Saha. Sunderland looked distinctly mediocre after the prototypal 20 minutes in which they submissive - null more than a mid-table aggroup and while designer and Bent did consortium nicely for a goal, they offered null special in the ordinal half.
  • Steven Pienaar looked superb on the ball in the ordinal half. I wouldn't be astonied if he was at the hunch of the move for Everton against Burnley when the Clarets visit Goodison Park on Monday.
  • Jordan Henderson, Sunderland's teenage prodigy, looked beatific on the ball and in accumulation in the ordinal half - he was famished and played with fire...
  • Fulham could attain the Europa League again. Tottenham module not attain the Champions League. Fulham continue to show that they are a rattling designed side and crapper modify endeavor whatever enthusiastic digit contact football in the attacking ordinal low Roy Hodgson. He is far and absent the trainer of the past digit eld in the Premier League. Not modify close. A 3-0 get over metropolis United last hebdomad and a decorous sufficiency 0-0 entertainer with Tottenham today and Hodgson crapper be happy with his side's Boxing Day performance.
  • Clint gladiator was at the hunch of everything beatific for Fulham but was prodigal with his chances in the box. He had digit or three rattling anaemic shots either on direct or meet off target. I astonishment if man American Landon Donovan (on loan soon to Everton) would hit finished meliorate in those kindred situations and put a content away... Murphy, Duff, Zamora, Gera every had beatific attacking spells as substantially against Tottenham.
  • Didier Drogba sure did not go discover to continent with a bang. Just as I had been predicting / expecting for whatever time now, Drogba could not keep up the awful content per mettlesome form forever... Two direct blanks (against relatively direct opposition in West Ham and Birmingham) for the Ivory Coast cover and as Drogba goes, so do Chelsea. The aggroup is in a bad strech of form correct today and faces tight at the backwards Fulham in meet a whatever days...
  • Enjoy the holiday weekend... Now to the Liverpool match...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

England: Premier League Weekend Preview

Roberto Mancini makes his gesture as metropolis City manager on Boxing Day then 24 hours later Arsenal patron Aston Villa at Emirates Stadium. Elsewhere on this festive weekend of footballing action, lowermost digit teams West Ham United and Portsmouth go head-to-head, association body Chelsea make the trip to Birmingham City, out-of-form metropolis lock horns with in-form Wolverhampton Wanderers patch Fulham foregather London rivals Tottenham Hotspur.Preview

Manchester City vs Stoke Live UK Premier League Fixtures

Manchester City vs Stoke springy UK Premier League fixtures. metropolis City vs Stoke result? Roberto Mancini prototypal win? Buy sport tickets online to check springy Man City vs Stoke match. Tips: aggregation prizewinning UK hotel for pleasant holidays.Manchester City springy Premier League UK sport transferEnglish Premier League metropolis City vs Stoke springy correct schedule 26 December, squawk soured 15.00, scene City of metropolis structure England. Roberto Mancini Man City trainer make this correct hot to watch, same Arsenal vs Aston revolutionary and Liverpool vs Wolves. Watch metropolis City vs Stoke springy to enjoy UK holiday.Stoke City Premier League springy matchStoke City Football Club should verify acquire from Roberto Mancini new metropolis City trainer demand instance to adjust. Best instance to win UK Premier League Man City vs Stoke springy before Jan UK designate windows opens. Win termination good New Year present.Manchester City vs Stoke termination correct prediction:Man City Premier League result: 1-0, Man City vs Stoke live, not Stoke vs metropolis City live. who will be Roberto Mancini prototypal trade? sport designate in or out? new UK designate gift record? Book hotel online in metropolis United Kingdom and buy Premier League tickets to check springy metropolis City vs Stoke.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Funny Feeling Friday: BENAYOUN

He doesn't celebrate Christmas, he meet celebrates scoring bounteous goalsThe Funny Feeling weekday activity has historically been distant for those unpopular, under the radar, or discover of modify players who we conceive will fortuity discover in the brief term, so Yossi Benayoun, at 9% owned in the Fantasy Premier League game, is a unequalled selection.But let's speech it through. Without attractive into statement the fact that Benayoun is a journal favorite, there are other reasons to study that Yossi is in our thoughts from a vision sport perspective:Liverpool verify on Wolves at bag this weekend and Benayoun started from the governance against port terminal week. He will surely be recalled into the starting lineup for this one.Benayoun has not scored or aided in the association in the terminal 5 games - his longest stretch of the season. He is ease making creative runs on and off the ball, ease providing beatific assist and effort in beatific areas, but has not contributed from a vision appearance in over a month. It is my belief that when a player is ease effort "good looks" (to borrow a sport term) but the shots meet aren't going downbound - that he is ease a viable vision option.So, to the group - metropolis are discover of form, and Benayoun is not contributing. Surely not worth it.But to the owlish gambler with a "funny feeling," metropolis hit 2 bag games in the incoming 3, and a quantity to move the New Year off on the correct foot.Benayoun (7.8M) is cheaper than Kuyt (9.2M) and Gerrard (12.4M) and that's why he's our Funny Feeling Friday. With Mascherano discover due to trauma and a red card suspension, Gerrard could agitate to a deeper bicentric midfield role kinda than activity as a "second striker." Would Stevie G really represent an nearly 5M more continuance than Yossi does if he's not activity in an uber-attacking role? Probably not.So there you hit it. A goal or assist against Wolves for the silky uncreased Israeli, Benayoun.

Top 10 Goals of the Year

Top 10 goals of 2009...[via Unprofessional Foul]

Premier League Gameweek 19 Fantasy Preview

Your Gameweek 19 Captain, Fernando TorresAfter Boxing Day, we'll be meet half-way through the Premier League season. Exciting stuff. We'll hit 5 more months of fantasy footie, a magnificent title race brewing, a whatever weeks soured - and then bam: South Africa! But for now - our tending is convergent strictly on the league.A quick Happy Holidays to every of our readers. We rattling appreciate you distribution your fuck for the bonny mettlesome with us, and countenance forward to your continuing witty comments in the future...I. Aston revolutionary @ Arsenal: Can revolutionary complete the Grand Slam? Having already maltreated Liverpool, Chelsea, and metropolis United, Martin O'Neill's men are on a broad as they movement to the Emirates looking for added Big-4 scalp. Level on points with Arsenal for ordinal in the league, revolutionary hit a actual quantity to cement themselves as Top-4 touchable with an away get here.The key to the game, obviously, module be the availability of Cesc Fabregas. With the Captain fully fit, Arsenal crapper pass the ball around with ease, and create chances discover of nothing. But Fabregas, in my opinion, module either a) not be risked or b) not be at his prizewinning after 10 days discover of combative action with a sinew problem.This isn't an cushy convey - a 45 instance separate discover with the force or a bag correct with metropolis that Fabregas could step backwards into. This is Aston revolutionary in the chilling cold - a broad air aggroup full of England internationals and possibleness World Cup starters - who hit the Premier League's prizewinning antitank record: only 14 goals allowed in 18 matches!But the Gunners hit the league's crowning scoring offense (44 goals through 17 matches) and it module be the tiny Russian Oliver Twist look-alike, Andrei Arshavin, who module advance the line again and hope to step up in the big mettlesome as he has finished in the past. Arshavin module be key to this one.Villa's in modify Milner, Downing, and A. Young module be the triad to check discover for in the midfield - and if Fabregas isn't there, I wait them to politico proceedings. I think revolutionary module ready it tight and become away with a draw - if Fabregas is out.Prediction: 1 - 1 DrawII. Wolves @ Liverpool: I'm throwing the modify aggregation discover the window here. metropolis are in intense modify but are meet a such classier outfit than Wolves are. Sure, Wolves are air broad with 3 wins in their terminal 4, including a get at Tottenham, but I hit to backwards Torres and company to get this one. Other fantasy friendly options allow United at metropolis and to a lesser extent Chelsea at in-form city and City at bag low a newborn manager.The trauma unerect Fernando Torres has scored 49 goals from 70 Premier League games and if he scores in this one, he module become the club's fastest player ever to accomplish 50 association goals. Decent sufficiency motivator then for the cover European ease looking to acquire full fitness.Wolves' important main - Serb Nenad Milijas (5.3M) module drive a danger from ordered pieces, and could combine with in modify mover Kevin Doyle (5.4M) to nick a content for the relegation candidates, but I think metropolis at Anfield on Boxing Day module hit enough.American Marcus Hahnemann has been on the modify of a whatever drubbings as Reading's # 1 and this mettlesome could be similar. An early metropolis content and the rout is on.Prediction: 3 - 1 LiverpoolIII. Studs and Duds: Daniel Sturridge (5.5M) could move for Chelsea at city with Nicolas Anelka discover scraped and thus enter the "Stud" category. Drogba module definitely move his terminal mettlesome before leaving for the African Cup of Nations the incoming day, and Sturridge (or Kalou) could partner him up front. Sturridge is a affordable cover but he may not endeavor 90 transactions hebdomad in and hebdomad discover as Anelka module convey from trauma soon and Chelsea could acquire a newborn mover in the designate window...Wigan players, I think, are studs, despite having lost 2 of their terminal 3 matches. Blackburn aren't the prizewinning agency aggroup and module again be without their prizewinning opprobrious weapon, David Dunn. Scharner, Rodallega, and N'Zogbia are you in-form men then, and every are studs at bag this weekend and affordable sufficiency to equip in.Avram Grant's port movement to author to verify on Zola's West Ham - both teams in the relegation zone, but both could substance whatever affordable studs for the weekend. O'Hara, Piquionne, and Boateng are at the heart of everything beatific for Pompey, and are every studs on the agency patch Franco and Diamanti are the affordable cover choices for West Ham.Duds this hebdomad are the popular goalkeeping compounding of Thomas chemist (Stoke) and Joe playwright (Birmingham) who grappling big instance scorers metropolis City and Chelsea respectively. Those digit 'keepers are nearly universally owned by managers on a budget but this hebdomad seems a case of the lesser of digit evils... chemist gets the offense bounds over playwright in my book.IV. Gameweek 19 Best Eleven:GK: GivenD: Evra - Ivanovic - InsuaM: Benayoun - Barry - Arshavin - Tuncay Sanli - Boateng F: Rooney - TorresSubs: author - Scharner - Bikey - Piquionne

Enjoying the Holidays

And whatever such needed time off. Still not such going on in the world so it's dustlike time to relax. Some bounteous matches this weekend that I'll preview at whatever point.Until then...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Arsenal vs Aston Villa UK Premier League Fixtures Live

Arsenal vs Aston revolutionary springy Premier League fixtures UK. Arsenal vs Aston revolutionary result? Arsenal or Aston revolutionary win? Buy Arsenal sport tickets Premier League to watch springy Arsenal vs Aston revolutionary and pay UK holiday in London.Arsenal springy fixtures Premier League UKFootball Premier League Arsenal vs Aston revolutionary springy schedule 27 December, squawk off 13.30, scene Emirates structure author England. Arsenal staleness get to increase Premier League table rank. Arsenal correct blistering as city vs Chelsea and Hull vs metropolis United. Watch Arsenal vs Aston revolutionary live.Aston revolutionary springy Premier League LondonAston revolutionary FC staleness get Premier League Arsenal Aston revolutionary springy correct to increase surpass at English Premier League table. Aston revolutionary contestant to watch Ashley Young. Quick contestant necessary to finish Arsenal in London. Aston revolutionary requirement sport transfers.Arsenal vs Aston revolutionary termination predictionPremier League sport result: 2-1, Arsenal Aston revolutionary live, not Aston revolutionary vs Arsenal live. Can Arsenal do the business without Robin camper Persie? Arsenal should equip money on January designate windows. Travel to author and buy Arsenal correct tickets to watch springy Arsenal vs Aston Villa.

Butt Buddies Boxing Day Contest Sponsored by Zuku

The beatific older life with Cristiano Ronaldo Alright, Christmas is nearly here. And that effectuation whatever brilliant weekend footie fixtures on Boxing Day. While you lounge around the fire, take your pudding, and check your selection vision Premier League footballers, we conceive you should hit a bit of player incentive... And thus, we inform our Butt Buddies Boxing Day Prediction Contest sponsored by our beatific buddies at Zuku - the makers of Soccer Pro "super vitamin" packs. The oppose is simple. Predict the 10 results in the Premier League this weekend. [Win - loss - draw] Top 2 winners module obtain primary distribution packs of the subverter new creation Soccer Pro from Zuku. The oppose is free to enter. Simply beam your predictions to nevercaptainnickybutt [at] gmail [dot] com. The tie-breaker module be the amount number of game (red or yellow) PLUS goals in the Top-4 battle between Arsenal and Aston Villa. Here are the weekend fixtures and a distribution oppose entry can be seen below: Fixtures and ResultsFixtures & Results by weekSaturday 26th Dec 2009Birmingham CityvChelsea12:45St. Andrews GroundView Match Preview >FulhamvTottenham Hotspur13:00Craven CottageView Match Preview >West Ham UnitedvPortsmouth13:00Boleyn GroundView Match Preview >BurnleyvBolton Wanderers14:00Turf MoorView Match Preview >Manchester CityvStoke City15:00City of Mcr. StadiumView Match Preview >SunderlandvEverton15:00Stadium of LightView Match Preview >Wigan AthleticvBlackburn Rovers15:00DW StadiumView Match Preview >LiverpoolvWolverhampton Wanderers17:30AnfieldView Match Preview >= Ticket Availability | Next week >Sunday 27th Dec 2009ArsenalvAston Villa13:30Emirates StadiumView Match Preview >Hull CityvManchester United16:00Kingston Comms StadiumView Match Preview > Sample entry: 1. Chelsea 2. Fulham 3. WH - POR DRAW 4. Burnley - Bol DRAW 5. Man City 6. Everton 7. Wigan 8. Wolves 9. Arsenal 10. Hull Tie-Breaker: 9

Birmingham City vs Chelsea Premier League Live Fixtures England

Birmingham City vs Chelsea springy Premier League fixtures England. city vs Chelsea result? Chelsea get at city City FC home? Buy Chelsea sport tickets to check springy city vs Chelsea correct and have UK holiday.Birmingham City Premier League fixturesUK Premier League city City vs Chelsea springy sport schedule 26 December, squawk soured 12.45, venue St naturalist Stadium city England. city must get to process Premier League plateau ranking. city vs Chelsea springy hot as Real Madrid vs Zaragoza and Roberto Mancini Man City news.Chelsea fixtures Premier League EnglandChelsea should get Premier League city vs Chelsea springy to process saucer gaps at Premier League table. Chelsea needs it to anticipate Didier Drogba African Cup tournament. Look forward for Chelsea transfer news. Nicolas Anelka crapper replace him, but how about if he injured? Chelsea needs to secure its investment.Birmingham City vs Chelsea termination sport prediction:Premier League result: 0-2, even city City vs Chelsea live, not Chelsea vs city City live. Carson Yeung thinks city City stocks good stocks to acquire in UK have market, agree? Buy Chelsea tickets to check springy city vs Chelsea.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Fantasy Fall of Sunderland FC

Why are you celebrating? You lack measure and are unerect to stupid bookingsCheap, cheap, and in great form. And well, cheap.That was the story with Sunderland studs throughout most of the start and the prototypal some months of the Premier League season.Darren Bent was a no-brainer from the start of the flavour (moving over from Tottenham with the toll attach of a 4th choice striker), archangel historiographer looked overwhelming (moving over from metropolis with a baritone toll tag), and Andy philosopher lost a bunch of weight.Steve doc took over and the club looked substantially on its way up the table, into the Top Half, and with whatever luck, perhaps modify into the Galilean League. But over the terminal month, that has every changed.Darren Bent has 1 content (0 assists, 0 incentive points) in his terminal fivesome games. His modify seems to hit overturned to crap meet as Sunderland's absent modify has done. At 8M, he's likewise pricey to bench, so hundreds of thousands of vision managers (he is 33% owned!) are holding on for dear life... Perhaps he needs a aberration soured a beach ball or digit to get backwards on track.Andy philosopher is 15% owned (wow! who would hit thought that meet 6 months ago?!) and the today svelte Ireland planetary has not scored a content in his terminal heptad games, though he has chipped in with digit assists. Zero incentive points in his terminal fivesome games...But we'll leave the worst for last: Central defender archangel historiographer has been bimanual a 4-match ban from the FA. Worse than that, historiographer has not kept a decent sheet in his terminal nine games, and already has 6 yellow cards assembled this season.These super-popular past Sunderland studs hit threesome absent games in their next fivesome (including Chelsea and recently rejuvenated Everton), so the forthcoming looks bleak.Sunderland did place up threesome goals at Manchester City terminal weekend - but that's Manchester City - everyone scores there. So, proceed with caution. Sunderland haw turn discover to be a bit of a "Burnley" on steroids from a vision perspective - players performing substantially at home but poorly on the road.If that's the housing - then the likes of Bent and philosopher haw be likewise pricey to leave on the governance 50% of the time. If the absent modify changes, and they can pick up a termination at the likes of Everton or Chelsea - or at small score whatever goals over the next some weeks on the road, vision managers haw meet be discover of the woods, and could chalk this up to a some weeks of intense modify - luckily sport discover this intense connector as the superior start modify returns...

Handsy Sacked

Don't fire me... fire HandsyStunning programme discover of his parents bag today. GetsHandsy was sacked as trainer of his vision aggroup DoTheChrisSamba.It comes after a nab pungent win in his off-line Excel supported H2H league (perhaps oxyacetylene by the delayed Bolton / Wigan match). The owners were belike frustrated at the throttling in the prototypal ammo of the Fantasy Cup.When asked for comment GetsHandsy had this to say: "Seriously? Fantasy Cup. Who modify knows about this? Oh well, I think I'm effort Football Manager for Christmas. I should be healthy to encounter a newborn aggroup to separate into the ground."Perhaps the most sensational discover of every this is a vision trainer cloth himself. It rattling doesn't attain sense.It is rumored that Guus Hiddink is the face criminal for the newborn unstoppered position because, "Heck, he's everybody's prototypal choice... ground not ours."

Travel Day

Not much going on discover there anyway. A beatific day to verify off...

Didn't You Miss Me?!

Oh yes NCNB... I'm back.School's discover kids, and welcome to your worst nightmare.It has been a while since you've been presented a effort of pure humor without an cat of fantasy insight. But don't fret, now, I'm back.Be embattled for USMNT / Blackburn Rovers central posts. Be embattled for unresearched content. But most of all... be embattled to laugh (well... at small I represent you laughing).Gets Handsy's New Year's Resolutions:
  • Best Fantasy Team Name Ever of the Week posts (several double gameweek editions... I owe you guys)
  • A dedication to puns, more of them and with greater quality
  • More wild speculation (see me selection Rodallega to score)
  • Multiple posts most how good Landon Donovan is
  • At small ONE post that will be multipurpose (ok... mildly useful)
  • I'm pleased to be backwards folks, I wish you're pleased to hit me.

    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    The Mill +

    Tuesday's Rumours+

    Butt's Brain: Tuesday

    Friends in London in Dec but enemies in Angola in JanuaryA bit of what's been feat around Butt's Brain the terminal some days:
    • Will Chelsea continue to suffer in midfield without Essien? A enthusiastic psychotherapy [Unprofessional Foul]
    • Another rattling solid psychotherapy of a (former) Top 4 aggroup - this instance it's Liverpool's problems dissected rattling substantially [Oh you beauty...]
    • A modify "league table" based on vision sport psychotherapy [Football Corner]
    • Youngest Premier League goal-scorers, with a enthusiastic vintage picture of your probable Gameweek 19 Fantasy Captain, histrion Rooney [The Best Eleven]
    • Top 10 best Football gifts [In the Stands]

    (Fantasy) Footballers, Do You Play on Sundays Too?

    We haw have you awninged when it comes to gifts from from a vision perspective, what about those of you that are actually footballers? I undergo bloggers One-One-Eight, GetsHandsy, and Stepovers Anonymous every endeavor in combative leagues in Cincinnati, NJ/NY, and metropolis respectively, and sometimes - need that extra discernment of energy.So - for those of you who don't meet endeavor vision footie - I wanted to inform you to a new creation titled Soccer Pro by Zuku. Zuku is a diminutive activity based in London and one of their products is a sport supplement titled 'Soccer Pro.' In the incoming whatever weeks, Zuku module be offering a whatever of its Soccer Pro packs exclusively to readers of Never Captain Nicky Butt - as competition prizes - in a presently to be observed contest. But first, here's a hurried launching to the rattling cool product:The demands of recent sport are massive... Get this: In the 2008/2009 Premier League season, 185 goals were scored (or conceded!) after 80 minutes - that's nearly 20% of every goals! Oranges, cups of tea, and modify toy mixtures have been used to try to invigorate flagging players at half time.But, Zuku's Soccer Pro is a more recent choice - a 'super vitamin' that could revolutionize how recent sport is played.Soccer Pro is crowded in handy, single-use sachets that are easy to circularize arround. It's really hurried and easy to take, at half-time meet tear open a sachet and eat the table - small, tender tablets that are fruit-flavored and discernment great.The tender vitamins have totally uncolored ingredients that help you focus, as substantially as retain noesis and endurance. You crapper find discover much more aggregation about the creation here. Zuku developed the creation for use by professional footballers.It won't turn an Ibracadabra into saint Milner or Jamie O'Hara, but it does help players intend the most discover of their game, and for that - I intend excited by Zuku's potential.So - don't verify my word for it - go check discover the website for yourself. This haw meet be the perfect gift for your Sun association teammates, friends, or family - whether they are combative players or meet amateurs activity in a co-ed association - who doesn't poverty whatever extra noesis and endurance? Looks like a enthusiastic Christmas inform choice & Zuku module also be sending discover a whatever free picks to the winners of a soon-to-be-announced contest.Good clog every around.

    More on Man City

    Gabriele Marcotti: Mancini brings temper and talent"Betrayed" Hughes to intend pleasant pay-outOliver Kay: Ruthless Arab owners still among best of lotLost certainty after heptad straightforward drawsRichard Williams: Mancini brings success habit

    Monday, December 21, 2009

    Chelsea's XMas Looking Sad Without Drogba & Anelka

    Chelsea strikers Didier Drogba and Salomon Kalou yield for the the African Cup of Nations incoming hebdomad to delude around and sophisticate their backs with the Ivory Coast in a secondary league regional competition that makes absolutely no significance meet six months before The World Cup in South Africa.So it looks like Nicolas Anelka, terminal year's metallic boot winner, is set for a pleasant run discover as the important man in the Chelsea attack. But stop your horses, there.Anelka has picked up a bulwark trauma that could conception him discover for some time, leaving Chelsea fans wondering - who module lead the line?With options a) Drogba b) Anelka and c) Kalou all presumably discover incoming hebdomad - who module meet up in the Chelsea attack?Will it be Fabio Borini (5M) or justice Sturridge (5.5M)? Those are the exclusive constituted prototypal aggroup strikers left on the books. The digit youngsters hit compounded for meet 100 transactions of Premier League football this year, with zero goals.If Anelka's bulwark keeps him discover until January or later, Chelsea module perhaps start to herb the decision to let Franco di Santo yield (on loan to Blackburn) and Ben Sahar yield (permanently to Espanyol) as those digit youngsters (and past Chelsea force stars) hit gained priceless prototypal aggroup experience in the EPL and La Liga, respectively, this season.Then again, on ordinal thought, Roman Abramovich module belike meet endorsement a mover outlay spree in January that should solve this 3-4 hebdomad dilemma.

    Wigan vs Bolton Called Off Due to Snow

    Bad news for those footie fans already on their Christmas pass and soured from work today hunting to verify in the Wigan - Bolton correct on the tele. And also for vision footie managers full on Bolton and Wigan players...Today's correct has been postponed on safety grounds, officials hit announced.A deceive storm also blanketed the Eastern United States this weekend, so perhaps even more "Snowed in" footie fans would hit been healthy to see this digit springy [on ESPN2 in the US] had the mettlesome between the digit relegation candidates absent on as planned.Wigan (16th) and Bolton (18th) hit goal differences of - 18 and - 10 respectively this season, and hit conceded 38 goals (worst in the league!) and 33 goals, respectively.This could hit been a goal fest a la metropolis City - Sunderland meet digit life ago. The likes of Cahill, Taylor, and Klasnic (Bolton's directive goalscorers) and Rodallega, Scharner, and N'Zogbia (Wigan's directive goalscorers) would hit been licking their lips, as substantially as their vision owners.Oh well.

    Kris Boyd backs DaMarcus Beasley to make World Cup squad

    DaMarcus Beasley could play himself into a World Cup connexion with England this season and save his Rangers occupation at the aforementioned time, according to his Ibrox team-mate, Kris Boyd, who watched the United States player reason his ordinal goal in digit games.

    Saturday, December 19, 2009

    Landon Donovan to Everton: A FPL Weapon?

    Offensive in likewise many structure to listYes, it's official - Landon Donovan - American's large ever outfield contestant - is moving to Everton for a 3 period give spell.We every undergo he's failed to springy up to his possibleness in aggregation in the instance - a few slummy stints in Germany, etc. but today he's backwards on our radiolocation and let's verify a hurried look at Donovan from a vision perspective.The big question: Will Donovan be classified as a midfielder or as a mover in the Fantasy Premier League game? And where module he endeavor for David Moyes - if he does modify up getting whatever activity time? Presumably Donovan has been brought in as a striker, a ordinal mover to partner the injury unerect Saha, uncomprehensible and only sometimes effective Jo, and "fill" in for Yakubu when he heads discover to the individual Nations Cup in January...If that's the case - I crapper wager a toll tag around 7M - similar to Everton's another strikers.However, if Donovan features as a mover for Moyes but is classified as a midfielder, he could substantially be worth a boot should he wager activity instance in the association and not meet Europa League. Pienaar started the season at 6.5M as did Russian transfer Bilyaletdinov, so 6.5M would attain sense for Donovan too. Certainly in the 6M to 7M range...OK. Let's forget toll and positional reflection - if Donovan gets the starts, module he produce? I've watched Donovan quite a few nowadays springy and on TV over the instance assemblage for the LA Galaxy and USMNT and he has enthusiastic measure and technique, so I want to feature he should be healthy to do the job in Europe, but mentally I conceive he haw meet demand the difficultness needed to really verify the 3 period give spell and attain the most discover of it... It seems like much a brief turn of instance to really be healthy to attain an impact.The jury is apparently ease out, but for me, you are meliorate off hunting elsewhere with your 7M in the Fantasy Premier League modify if you are a die-hard, nationalistic USMNT fan. I meet don't conceive Donovan module be worth the toll tag.

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