Friday, May 7, 2010

NCNB Tips: Redknapp Getting Soaked

Found this one over at our Butt Buddies Dirty Tackle and Unprofessional Foul.The players merit to fete (though it looks same those dumping Gatorade on Redknapp were mostly substitutes or unused governance players yesterday) but do they merit to fete this much?After all, let's not forget, Tottenham have not qualified for The Champions League assemble stages yet.They hit but eligible for the qualifiers for the assemble stages. Sorry to be a downer, but there is ease plenty of work to do...From a vision footie perspective, it looks same there are just digit teams with it every to play for this Sunday morning: Chelsea and Manchester United.Hope you hit your Rooney's, Drogba's, Lampard's, and Nani's ready for state then.

Eddy Bosnar's bullet vs Kyoto Sanga

Australian defender Eddy Bosnar continues to affect with his whole-hearted displays at the centre of the Shimizu S-Pulse defence, with the lanky Australian one of the grapheme signings of the newborn J. League season.Bosnar has also attained plenty of plaudits for his thunderous free-kicks, and some are today occupation for Socceroos railcar Pim Verbeek to call up the gangly routine for Australia's World Cup campaign in South Africa.With dead-ball delivery same this, Bosnar haw just be a bolter for activity in Australia's origin 27-man squad.Copyright © Michael Tuckerman & Soccerphile.comJ.League NewsTagsWorld Cup PensWorld Cup football

Thursday, May 6, 2010

World Cup 2010: Heartbreak Hotel

With just over a month to go until kick-off in South Africa, attention is slowly being worn absent from the respective husbandly leagues and convergent onto the 32 teams. While the stylish FIFA rankings show that a slummy limiting crusade (Argentina and Portugal) can elevate you up the table, it is the training bases, aggroup meetings and shape camps that module lie the headlines until the incoming round of friendlies arrive, but it has not all been stark sailing, especially for Nigeria.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The World Cup’s Stars Wear Their Flags—And Little Else—For Annie Leibovitz

For the June issue of Vanity Fair, Annie Leibovitz ordered out to capture some of the sport’s large stars, including Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Ivory Coast’s Didier Drogba, Cameroon’s prophet Eto’o, and Brazil’s Kaká. Leibovitz’s portraits are, well, revealing. And underwear has never looked so patriotic. In America, these men might not enjoy the aforementioned study acceptance as the stars of the N.F.L.â€"that mettlesome that we call footballâ€"but for most of the planet, they are more than meet showstoppers. They are gods.

South Korea Start To Show Symptoms Of World Cup Fever

The prototypal frissons of feverishness could be change last weekday â€" World Cup fever. The 2010 competition is meet sextet weeks away but outside the patron commonwealth of South Africa, the zillions of fans of the global mettlesome meet can’t quite seem to intend into the swing of things. That is especially genuine in East Asia.Just a hebdomad ago, former honcho of the Nihon Football Association Saburo Kawabuchi was gift his reasons ground the Land of the Rising Sun has ease not woken up to the 2010 World Cup. ”The think there is no fervour is Nihon hasn’t played well. It’s essential the aggroup shows some certainty in their effort tuneup games,” the well-respected chief told topical media.South peninsula doesn’t hit the aforementioned problem with affectionateness to domestic aggroup performances but the indifference and the fact that - as they don’t hit medium rights to the tournament- broadcasting stations KBS and MBC are trying to pretend that it isn’t happening, hit not ease injected such fervour into the Land of the Morning Calm.That all denaturized on weekday when nous railcar Huh Jung-moo named a preliminary unit of 30. This isn’t, in itself, a huge care as there is a bounteous difference between 30 and the effort sort of 23 that module actually go to South Africa. Huh has the rest of May to tracheophyte out the unlucky seven. Drama was in short cater as were shocks. All hit appeared in the red shirt before, most of them a good sort of times. All 23 players who were summoned to endeavor against Ivory Coast in a March 3 warm-up in London, a mettlesome that went 2-0 to Huh’s men, are included again. The others are those backward from injury and/or bad form.As you would expect so close to the bounteous event, railcar Huh was sounding bullish without feat overboard."We do hit our weaknesses,” Huh said in Seoul. “But in every game, my players are flooded of passion and hit a fighter's spirit. Our determination to win, our want for success and cohesion as a aggroup is ordinal to none in the world. You crapper easily fortuity a single branch, but when it's a bundle of ten, it's a different story."“I selected the 30 players by comprehensively considering their personal skills, knowledge to understand tactics, and fleshly and noetic conditions. They staleness upbringing and endeavor games with a significance of feel as representatives of South peninsula from now onThe conversation point perhaps was the banishment of Seol Ki-hyeon. The stager of 2002 and 2006 has not prefabricated the revilement because he is ease recovering from a knee activeness and has not played for newborn edifice Pohang Steelers since backward from England in the winter. "Seol hasn't been included because he hasn't played and hasn't trained,” said Huh. "Of course, it is unfortunate for the players who haven't prefabricated the unit but those 30 players hit the opportunity to endeavor a bounteous conception for the domestic team." There is ease instance for more injures. There are two games mitt in the K-League before the season fortuity and digit in the dweller leagues. The domestic-based stars module intend together on May 10 to move the prototypal upbringing camp. Then comes the prototypal bag mettlesome this year so far and the only digit before the World Cup when Ecuador provides the contestant in a warm-up at Seoul World Cup stadium on May 16.A flooded concern is expected for that match, a digit and only quantity to see the boys and desire them luck before they nous to Saitama and a May 24 effort against fellow qualifiers Japan. The rattling incoming period comes a kinda longer grace to Austria and another upbringing camp. Two more games take place under the Alpine skies, the prototypal against Byelorussia and the ordinal against dweller endorse Espana in metropolis on June 3.Then it is down to the gray counsel of continent and Port Elizabeth and the Nelson solon Stadium where Ellas module be waiting on June 12.Goalkeepers:Kim Young-Kwang (Ulsan) Lee Woon-Jae (Suwon) psychologist Sung-Ryong (Seongnam)Defenders: Kang Min-Soo (Suwon) Kwak Tae-Hwi (Kyoto, Japan) Kim Dong-Jin (Ulsan) Kim Hyung-Il (Pohang) Oh Beom-Seok (Ulsan) Lee Young-Pyo (Al Hilal, Arabian Arabia) Lee Jung-Soo (Kashima, Japan) Hwang Jae-Won (Pohang) Cho Won-Hee (Wigan, England - loaned to Suwon) Cha Du-Ri (SC Freiburg Germany) Cho Yong-Hyung (Jeju United)Midfielders: Koo Ja-Cheol (Jeju UTD) Ki Sung-Yong (Celtic, Scotland) Kim Bo-Kyung (Oita Japan) Kim Nam-Il (Tom Tomsk-Russia) Shin Hyung-Min (Pohang) Kim Jae-Sung (Pohang) Kim Jung-Woo (Gwangju), Lee Chung-Yong (Bolton, England) Kim Chi-Woo (Seoul) Park Ji-Sung (Manchester United England)Forwards: Park Chu-Young (AS Monaco France) Ahn Jung-Hwan (Dalian China) Lee Seung-Ryul ( Seoul) Yeom Ki-Hun (Suwon) Lee Keun-Ho (Jubilo Iwata (Japan) Lee Dong-Guk (Jeonbuk)TagsWorld Cup PensWorld Cup football

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

J. League Results May 1 2010

Saturday 1 MayKashima Antlers 2 Gamba metropolis 1 Kawasaki Frontale 4 Shonan Bellmare 2 Nagoya Grampus 2 Montedio Yamagata 1Omiya Ardija 2 metropolis Sanga 1 Sanfrecce city 2 FC Yeddo 1Shimizu S-Pulse 2 Urawa Reds 1Vegalta Sendai 1 Cerezo metropolis 1Vissel Kobe 1 Albirex Niigata 2Yokohama F Marinos 1 Jubilo Iwata 0J.League TableShimizu S-Pulse P 9 Pts 21Nagoya Grampus P 9 Pts 19Kawasaki Frontale P 9 Pts 19Kashima Antlers P 9 Pts 18Urawa Reds P 9 Pts 16Leading ScorersRenatinho, Kawasaki Frontale 6Chong Tese, Kawasaki Frontale 5Shinji Kagawa, Cerezo metropolis 5Shoki Hirai, Gamba metropolis 5Hisato Sato, Sanfrecce city 5 Naoki Ishihara, Omiya Ardija 4Ryang Yong Gi, Vegalta Sendai 4Previous ResultsJ.League NewsTagsJ-League ResultsTagsWorld Cup PensWorld Cup football

Liverpool's downfall highlights the flaws in Rafael Benítez's squad

The Liverpool manager may have quaternary more years on his contract to meet at Anfield but something has to give.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Premier League Gameweek 37 Fantasy Preview

I. Chelsea @ Liverpool: Liverpool fans dislike United more than they do Chelsea, so this module be a fantastic digit - supporting your edifice against Chelsea when a get belike effectuation that the denomination goes to United... Interesting.After existence dumped discover of the Galilean League on the absent goals rule, Liverpool today focus on the league - where they still hit a tiny mathematical chance to steal into 4th position. They don't curb their possess destiny - and requirement a aggregation of results to go their way, but they are at home, and they module sure go every discover to vex Chelsea this weekend.No chance of silverware for Rafa's men this weekend, but perhaps a New conclusion to savor in their terminal bag mettlesome of the year?I don't conceive so. Chelsea are in modify and are convergent on their prototypal post-Mourinho epoch title. I conceive they get the league for the prototypal instance since 2006. And I conceive they get that such closer Sun at Anfield.Lampard, Drogba, Malouda, and company are just likewise good. It module be tight, but Chelsea goes to Anfield and grabs the absent get which leads them to the title.I don't see a decent artefact here, so the likes of Alex, Ivanovic, Glen Johnson, etc. are on the stud/dud inclose when it comes to the advise vs set conversation this weekend and vision managers' lineups. 2-1 absent get looks fair to me.Prediction: Chelsea 2-1II. Man City Double Gameweek (Aston revolutionary & Tottenham): This digit is perhaps feat discover on a limb when it comes to "Fantasy Friendly." After all, Tottenham hit a bag mettlesome against Bolton, and then travel to City - so perhaps they are the smarter selection. Of course, Stoke and Fulham also hit threefold gameweeks but hit inferior to endeavor for.I'm attractive City though because they endeavor with confidence at home. Aston revolutionary are superior on the road, and Tottenham are in form, but it's a hunch, so let's go with it. City haw endeavor digit very arduous opponents - both of which are superior in accumulation - but I conceive they hit the calibre to wage vision managers digit decent artefact in digit games, and 3-4 goals in digit games. That's sufficiency for me. Look at it as a 4-0 get if they were activity once. The results haw actually be 2-1 and 2-0, but it's really 4-0 to the vision manager...If you acted quickly this week, you could hit picked up 4 (yes, 4!) Man City players. The newborn goalkeeper Marton Fulop was listed as a Sunderland player for a full 24 hours by the official FPL mettlesome after his advise to City was addicted - so the hurried vision trainer could hit picked up the Hungarian 'keeper. Other options in accumulation allow Toure and Zabaleta.In the midfield, the prizewinning choice is cristal Johnson, though he's cooled off as of New and has been substituted in 2 of his terminal 3 games played. That said, he's the most consistent offensive starter in the City midfield. Kompany, Viera, and De Jong are the super affordable options if you can't give more than 5m, but that's really feat discover on a limb. I surmisal Viera could tie the attack with an assist here or there, but President is the desirable Negro in the midfield.Up front, it's every Tevez. If you don't possess him for the double, you could be in trouble. I crapper see City scoring 4 goals over the 2 games and he'll hit a assistance in at least 1 or 2. Adebayor and Bellamy are the another options.So there you hit it. metropolis City verify on digit very thickened opponents but I conceive they become discover victorious in digit low scoring, close games.Prediction: 2-0 get over Aston Villa, 2-1 get over TottenhamIII. Studs and Duds: Pick up threefold gameweek players, my friends. Tottenham, metropolis City, Fulham, and Stoke players are every stud selections.The flavour is rotation downbound but Tottenham substance a aggregation of offensive calibre - Defoe, Lennon, Pav, and others. We mentioned Man City already, and Stoke and Fulham are OK purchases too, but countenance at Tottenham prototypal and foremost for whatever studs. Bale and Gomes are the defensive studs.Don't block United players as studs, obviously. United module hit likewise such for Sunderland - so Nani, Patrice Evra, Giggs, and Rooney (if fit) are every studs who are slightly low the radiolocation this hebdomad because of the threefold week. Managers haw overlook United, but shouldn't.Arteta and N'Zogbia hit been painful up bonus points as of late, and to a lesser extent - Nasri and Milner are in the 8m arrange and both are in modify - so those 4 mid-priced midfielders are studs.Duds are Burnley and metropolis players. Both on the road, both relegated (basically). Just not such to endeavor for. Maybe that module release whatever fictive offensive freedom, but I don't see wins for them.At this saucer in the year, with just 2 weeks mitt - managers requirement to countenance at the teams with threefold gameweeks as well as in-form azygos gameweek teams (Everton, metropolis United, etc.) for quality.Side note: Arsenal face a thickened road trip to Blackburn - who hit been enthusiastic defensively at home, but I conceive Nasri and RVP advance the Gunners to victory.IV. Gameweek 37 Best ElevenGK: FulopD: Bale - Evra - BainesM: Arteta - Etherington - A. President - Lampard - GerrardF: Tevez - DefoeSubs: Begovic - Baird - Yakubu - Shawcross

England World Cup DVDs

Lace Digital Media Sales hit the rights to a sort of artist England World Cup DVDs, click on the link below for more aggregation on purchasing.England World Cup DVDsLace Digital Media Sales Ltd 39-40 The Old SteineBrightonEast SussexBN1 1NHTel: 01273 202220TagsWorld Cup football

Girl Says French Stars Paid Her for Sex

A young blackamoor noise French sport claimed in an discourse Thursday that she had paying sex with individual World Cup domestic aggroup players, but claimed that hour of her customers knew she was low 18 at the time.

French media hit reportable allegations that Zahia Dehar, today 18, had paying sex with individual sport stars, including composer Ribery, Karim Benzema, and Sidney Govou.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

World Cup Ticket Chaos in Cape Town

Yesterday tickets went on understanding over the furniture at digit of the bounteous banks and at the FIFA ticketing duty in Cape Town.After existence told by FIFA that there were tickets for all games, grouping who had been queuing from 0700 finally got to the furniture at around 1400 to be told that exclusive Category 1 tickets were acquirable for some games.My spouse queued all period and bought nothing as exclusive the secondary games were available.She saw a couple of crook type guys right at the face of the line producing ID books for 10 grouping and claiming 10 tickets on apiece ID book, obviously for touting later.The computers could not cope and rattling some grouping were served per hour.Police wrere titled to curb discontent fans in Johannesburg and at the FIFA Ticketing offices in CPT.In my opinion FIFA's ticketing scheme is bullshit:a. effort grouping ( myself included ) to acquire tickets when they don't undergo which teams they will get.b. transfer more tickets on to the market in phases and inferring there is a scarcity,c. not ownership grouping conversant and not existence able to reply promptly to queries.FIFA and everyone participating with them are not effort ( and don't deserve) good advise over here in South Africa.In brief - a clump of bandits.TagsWorld Cup PensWorld Cup Tickets

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Win a Wayne Rooney Signed Jersey Playing Fantasy Footie

Hello blog readers. Another weekend is near. Which means - another weekend of vision football. We are giving absent a subscribed Wayne Rooney shirt this week! You are suitable if you are one of the vision managers who start a Silver Competition at That's every it takes. If you want to match wits with some of your favorite vision footie bloggers and friends, feel free to join our clannish competition (only the first 10 to clew up will attain it in!) by mass this link: Nicky Butt Fantasy Private Competition 4/16/10 weekend. The admittance cipher is t6B7J. Good phenomenon to all.

Luxury Accommodation Near OR Tambo International Airport

Deluxe accommodation offered near OR Tambo International Airport. Safari Club SA consists of 17 en-suite rooms, every with TV, air-conditioning and repast & drink facilities and is 4 STAR RATED by the Tourism Council.Enjoy safaris and tours to Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and Zimbabwe.Luxury Accommodation Near OR Tambo International AirportPublic areas exist of lounges, bar, playing edifice and a removed breakfast room. A new tearful bet has been installed for those blistering season afternoons. The forbid thought has been sacred to the famous Bantu kine and awninged with beautiful memorabilia.OR Tambo International Airport 3km, Pretoria 50km, Johannesburg 18km, Sun City 150km, solon Park 400km.Luxury Accommodation Near OR Tambo International AirportTagsWorld Cup PensWorld Cup South continent Accommodation

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NCNB Tips: What a Goal

We don't get tips in our inbox very ofttimes but we urge you to send us articles, links, goals, and commentary from around the footie world so we crapper deal it with our readers. Here's a enthusiastic goal from Brazilian carpet Figueiredo that landed in our box and we thought we'd share. A really enthusiastic individualist effort. Great run. Great power. Technique. And a nice finish. Keep sending us tips and course to nevercaptainnickybutt [at] gmail [dot] com!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Butt's Brain: Tuesday

Roberto Carlos crapper ease provide the goods, at geezerhood 37
  • Avram Grant is the man. Great news directive Portsmouth to the FA Cup final despite the aggroup not being healthy to pay its players half the flavour [101 great goals]
  • But, Portsmouth won't be playing in Europe... [Unprofessional Foul]
  • Peter Crouch isn't modify close to being the tallest contestant in aggregation [The Best Eleven]
  • Leo Messi winks at the winker, Ronaldo [Dirty Tackle]
  • World Cup 2010 Tickets ease available. I'll be there [The Offside]


Win Match Tickets and Signed Shirts â€" England Team sponsors Nationwide Building Society are offering England Fans the chance to embellish the Nationwide England Fan of the Week.By only uploading a represent of themselves supporting the England Team to both in the separate up to and during the World Cup, fans crapper get a range of enthusiastic England prizes.NATIONWIDE ARE CALLING ALL ENGLAND FANSThe Nationwide England Fan of the Week module be randomly drawn every Monday until the end of the World Cup. Prizes for winning fans include correct tickets to England v Mexico, subscribed England shirts and another England goodies.For more information go to Cup PensWorld Cup England football

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TORRES: Injured. And Others Too...

Torres' articulatio is scraped and Benayoun is lost on the bench, savor 6th place Liverpool! Liverpool could still garner whatever pride this flavour with a Europa League title, but a Champions League place is today surely discover of accomplish after a 0-0 entertainer at bag with Fulham this time weekend. To make matters worse, Fernando Torres - perhaps the most favourite choice for hundreds of thousands of vision managers this time weekend - was mitt discover of the metropolis unit entirely for the Fulham game with what has today emerged as a serious articulatio injury. Emiliano Insua is also injured, and unlikely to feature for the residual of the flavour for Rafa's men - and as both players were in my FPL aggroup this time weekend - I was certainly banking on a pleasant metropolis separate at 4th place, and whatever vision rewards to go with that run. With West Ham, Burnley, and Hull threesome of their last quaternary matches - I intellection metropolis could garner up 13 from 15 or 15 from 15 to seizure 4th place from Man City and Tottenham, but that doesn't countenance the case... Manchester City module modify up in 4th now, feat by modify and fixtures, and Carlos Tevez offers the primed prefabricated obvious replacement for Fernando Torres owners hunting to keep their vision footie denomination dreams alive. You should all possess Tevez by now. You should hit owned him for months. But with Torres today injured, you hit dead no defence not to possess Carlos. Go acquire him. Now. It's nearly likewise New already. Or verify a boot on the backward Van Persie. One abstract is for sure, Fernando Torres seems to be motion into RVP - and not in a good artefact - he just seems to embellish more and more trauma prone every season. Bummer.

Five things we learned from watching football this weekend

Wembley is an embarrassment, we should every be delighted for/appalled by Portsmouth, likewise such of Barça crapper be a bad abstract and European should be careful what they desire for.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Liverpool V Benfica – Dr Joel Rookwood

The red half of Merseyside is finally beginning to warm to the Galilean League. It haw be the terminal rivalry metropolis desired to win when the crusade kicked soured in August, but with every other possibilities severed, the consolation prize is looking an progressively captivating proposition. Its Channel 5 broadcasting, Thursday matches, binary officials, dopy kick soured nowadays and status of Everton hit not done wonders for its estimation amongst the Premier League’s elite. Yet no aggroup has won it quaternary times, with three-time winners metropolis today favourites to do just that in metropolis on May 12th. Cue cheekily edited prophetic banner:Following a dismal Champions League campaign, relegation to the Galilean League saw forgettable ties against dweller minnows and French also-rans. But in dweller league body Benfica, the quarter-final presented metropolis with a prototypal actual dweller test of 2010. Despite losing the absent leg, the bond was evenly counterpoised at 2-1. The erst legendary Lisbon appurtenances had annoyed metropolis supporters with the manner of conclusion in the Stadium of Light however, and so when they cosmopolitan to the Ground of Noise, the absent aggroup and their supporters were dealt a lesson or two. Where eagles dare, Scousers drown. It was not exclusive soured the pitch that Anfield impressed however. Benitez’s lateral were exclusive vaporize on it. Benfica were the lateral metropolis would hit desired to refrain in the draw, but having been pitted against a rattling beatific dweller side, metropolis dominated the correct throughout. A brave header from every blind girl’s pin-up piece Dirk Kuyt gave metropolis a merited lead. Kopites rubbed their eyes sextet transactions after as what can exclusive be described as screenwriter Leiva effortlessly amygdaliform Julio Cesar to double Liverpool’s advantage. The ordinal half still was every most digit man: Fernando Torres. He ended soured a advise that began in the blazonry of Pepe Reina and featured the majestic Mascherano, the brilliant Benayoun and the Klipspringer Kuyt. Five passes from content to goal. A ensuant Cardozo freekick threatened to edit the coloring of the bond but Torres’s ordinal content twelve transactions after rendered the Paraguayan’s try consolatory, ensuring Liverpool’s passage to the semi-final in the process. metropolis module today travel to the Vicente playwright where Torres module grappling his boyhood heroes in the Spanish capital. It was not the Madrid fixture we dreamt of, but overcoming Athletico would secure a ordinal dweller final in Benitez’s ordinal season as metropolis manager. Going digit step further and beating plausible opponents metropolis in their possess ground would attain metropolis the most successful UEFA Cup (sic) aggroup in history. Domestic failures cannot be unemployed with this prospect, but it does at small demand a reframed perspective. Unfazed, Benitez walks on.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What a Goal

Great Galilean League finish. Have a good weekend. Bed time.

Friday MLS Forecast

The Forecast previews a record-setting Sat and offers its picks for the extensive Week 3 slate.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Never Captain Nicky Butt Launches Brand New Fantasy Game

Here it is. The news you've every been inactivity to hear. We have partnered with 11Kicks and today are officially launching our possess original and subverter Never Captain Nicky Butt Fantasy Football Challenge. You crapper endeavor the sort newborn vision footie mettlesome by clicking on this unification or by clicking on the newborn "Fantasy Football" fix in the crowning correct crossway of our bag page. Here are the info and unequalled mettlesome features:
  • The NCNB Fantasy Football Challenge is a weekly competition. Compete against your friends in a private league or against the open on a hebdomad by hebdomad basis. Wipe the slate decent apiece hebdomad and superior a sort newborn team
  • LIVE FANTASY SCORING! In the past, digit had to move until after the end of a round to wager one's ranking in a vision game. Not anymore. Users crapper study not exclusive their possess team's but also the competitors' vision scoring in actual time. In a single view, digit crapper wager every line-ups, study springy scores, analyse mettlesome events as they happen, and transmit with friends and competitors - in a springy chat - every patch watching your scores and overall rankings change.
  • LIVE IN-GAME CHAT! I can't stress this enough. Gather your family at The NCNB Fantasy Football Challenge site when the games are kicking soured and trash talk, live, in actual time. Unleash every of your football emotions online
So there you have it. You crapper run for free and give it a shot this weekend. I promise to beam any contestant who participates this weekend and scores in the crowning three prizewinning teams for The Premier League Gameweek 34 a Never Captain Nicky Butt t-shirt as well as vision bragging rights and the take of feat downbound in story as the winning three players during the inaugural weekend of our possess vision footie platform. Tell your friends, kinsfolk members, and mates. Feel free to share the unification with anyone and everyone. The great thing most The NCNB Fantasy Football Challenge powered by 11kicks is that it democratizes the vision footie possibleness and makes the mettlesome more reachable for the masses. Anyone crapper log on, and in just a few transactions - superior a aggroup for the weekend. Don't vexation most the entire season. Don't vexation most terminal hebdomad or next week. Want to win now? Trash speech with your friends? Do you conceive you are sharp sufficiency to prognosticate brief term events and crowning scorers this weekend? Get whatever instant satisfaction and become a weekly winner... Never Captain Nicky Butt Fantasy Football Challenge. Good luck and wager you there.

UEFA Champions League: Wednesday's Reports & Fallout

Manchester United 3 - 2 Bayern city Kevin McCarra: Match ReportRichard Jolly: Bayern now kings of comebackPaul Hayward: Ferguson's gamble water flatOliver Kay: Robben's splendour finishes UnitedDavid Pleat: Tactical AnalysisSir Alex blasts "typical Germans"Player Ratings IPlayer Ratings IIBordeaux 1 - 0 LyonMatch ReportOliver Butler: Lyon accomplish semis for first timePlayer Ratings

Thursday, April 8, 2010

UEFA Champions League: Wednesday's Quarter-Final Second Leg Previews

Who: Manchester United vs. Bayern MunichWhere: Old Trafford, Manchester, EnglandWhen: 2:45pm EDTU.S. TV: Fox Soccer ChannelFirst Leg Result: 1 - 2Preview IPreview IIKevin McCarra: Old Trafford crapper commove UnitedPhil McNulty: United must find selection edgeFive concerns for FergusonWho: metropolis vs. LyonWhere: Chaban-Delmas, Bordeaux, FranceWhen: 2:45pm EDTU.S. TV: Fox Soccer PlusFirst Leg Result: 1 - 3Preview IPreview IIBordeaux ready for showdown

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

UEFA Champions League: Tuesday Quarter-Final Second Leg Previews

Who: metropolis vs. ArsenalWhere: Camp Nou, Barcelona, SpainWhen: 2:45pm EDTU.S. TV: Fox Sports NetFirst Leg Result: 2-2Preview IPreview IISid Lowe: Pep shy of Walcott threatMatt Hughes: Victory would be Arsenal's large everWalcott aims to rattle BarcelonaWho: CSKA Moscow vs. Inter MilanWhere: Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, RussiaWhen: 12:30pm EDTU.S. TV: Fox Soccer ChannelFirst Leg Result: 0-1Preview IPreview II

2010 World Cup Base Camps

JohannesburgBafana Bafana - Southern Sun Grayston Hotel and module condition at Sandown High SchoolHonduras (Indaba Hotel Fourways)Mexico (Thaba ya Batswana)Netherlands (Hilton Sandton),North peninsula (Protea Hotel Midrand)Serbia (Sunnyside Park Hotel)Slovenia (Hyde Park Southern Sun)Australia (Kloofzicht Lodge nearby Muldersdrift)New Sjaelland (Serengeti Estate nearby OR Tambo)Switzerland (Emerald Resort and Casino in Vanderbijlpark)PretoriaArgentina (High Performance Centre)Germany (Velmore Hotel in Centurion)Italy (Leriba Lodge right Pretoria)Slovakia (Villas Luxury Suite Hotel)United States (Irene Country Lodge)KwaZulu NatalAlgeria (Monduzur in San Lameer)Cameroon (Oyster Box in Umhlanga)Greece (Beverly Hills Hotel at Umhlanga Rocks)Ivory Coast (Riverside Hotel)Nigeria (Hampshire in Durban),Paraguay (Woodridge Country Estate in the Midlands)Portugal (Valley Lodge in Hillcrest)Western CapeBrazil (Fairway in Cape Town)Denmark (Simola Hotel Country Club in Knysna)France (Pezula Resort Hotel and Spa in Knysna)Japan (Fancourt Hotel and Country Club right George)North WestEngland (Bafokeng Sports Campus in Rustenburg)Spain (North West University campus in Potchefstroom)South peninsula (Hunters Rest Hotel in Rustenburg)MpumalangaChile (Ingwenyama Conference Centre)Eastern CapeGhana (Rhoode Valley)Northern CapeUruguay (Protea Hotel Kimberley)TagsWorld Cup South Africa