Friday, May 7, 2010

NCNB Tips: Redknapp Getting Soaked

Found this one over at our Butt Buddies Dirty Tackle and Unprofessional Foul.The players merit to fete (though it looks same those dumping Gatorade on Redknapp were mostly substitutes or unused governance players yesterday) but do they merit to fete this much?After all, let's not forget, Tottenham have not qualified for The Champions League assemble stages yet.They hit but eligible for the qualifiers for the assemble stages. Sorry to be a downer, but there is ease plenty of work to do...From a vision footie perspective, it looks same there are just digit teams with it every to play for this Sunday morning: Chelsea and Manchester United.Hope you hit your Rooney's, Drogba's, Lampard's, and Nani's ready for state then.

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